And the Challenge Begins

So, 2018 just gave me my first unexpected challenge.ย  I got back to work today. My very first day of work for 2018. Only to be given the news that I would not have a job for much longer. The company I am working for will be ceasing operations by the end of the month. I was not told of any reason for the sudden closing. But , my boss saw it fit that I know now so that I could look for another job.

As of this writing, I am still in shock. My happy excitement at the beginning of this year has just turned into anxiousness.

Anyway, I think I’d better focus on my tasks first and start planning the rest of this year later.


Current State of Mind: Anxious, Worried, Dis-oriented


WIPocalypse 2018: The End of My WIPs

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Well! You read that right. We are predicting that there will be an end to my WIPs this 2018. And just like all predictions there is a possibility that it will or will not come true. I am hoping though that some of my WIPs would meet their intended end and be reborn as FFOs. Thus, WIPocalypse.

WIPocalypse is not a term that I created. It is a term, coined by Melissa from Measi’s Musings, that has been going on for a few years now. You can read more about this SAL here.

It was at the end of 2017 that I heard about this SAL through the Flosstube channels of Michelle (Bendy Stitchy) and Jessie (JessieMarieDoesStuff). Those 2 got me curious about this SAL. I like the premise of WIPping down a WIP pile that seems to have a life of it’s own and is growing exponentially. What do I expect to happen when I start more things than I can finish? Right?

Oh, the guilt! (cue dramatic music)

Anyway, this is the year I want to change that WIP pile. I currently have around 30 WIPs. Most of which are full coverage. In 2017, I was able to finish a dismal 10 full pages. Very embarrassing. I know I can actually finish 24 pages a year if I put in at least an hour in the morning, 2 hours per night and 10 hours per weekend to stitching. That still leaves me with a lot of time for work, house chores, social gatherings, and other hobbies. But, no, most days, I just sit on my balcony and people watch. Me and my need to observe. Hahaha…


Anyway, below are the WIPs that I have lying around. Well… at least the ones I could find. There are probably more. I’ll add them to the list as I find them.

    • From #2 to 25
  2. COFFEE & TEA (Janlynn) – 135 x 218 stitches
  3. DOWNTOWN (HAED) – 625 x 468 stitches
  4. ENGLISH PINPILLOW – 120 x 122 stitches
  5. EPIC POKEMON – 256 x 450 stitches
  6. FAIRY GRANDMOTHER (Lavender & Lace) – 140 x 297 stitches
  7. FAITH, HOPE, CHARITY (HAED) – 525 x 393 stitches
  8. FAREWELL TO ANGER (HAED) – 625 X 412 Stitches
  9. GOOD HARVEST (DMC Phil) – 210 x 252 stitches
  10. HANGING THE QUILTS (Cross-stitch & Country Crafts Magazine) – 77 x 126 stitches
  11. INTERTWINE (DMC Phil) – 361 x 280 stitches
  12. JOYFUL WORLD CALENDAR (Snowflake Diaries Series)
    • From February to December
  13. LION (DMC Phil) – 140 x 140 stitches
  14. LINEN & THREADS MYSTERY SAMPLER 2017 (Linen & Threads)
    • September – 205 x 35 stitches
    • October – 205 x 53 stitches
    • November – 205 x 22 stitches
    • December – 205 x 34 stitches
  15. LAVANDERA (DMC Phil SAP) – 280 x 336 stitches
  17. MANGO HARVEST (DMC Phil SAP) – 406 x 280 stitches
  18. MASTER (Tilton Crafts) – 300 x 460 stitches
  19. MINI TIME 1 (HAED) – 150 X 332 stitches
  20. NOONTIME MEAL (DMC Phil SAP) – 364 x 238 stitches
  21. SAVE THE STITCHES (Liz Almond)
  22. SECRET GARDEN 1 (DMC Phil) – 196 x 360 stitches
  23. SPIRIT OF THE COUGAR (Creative Accents) – 207 x 237 stitches
  24. STILL LIFE (DMC Phil) – 155 x 251 stitches
  25. STORYKEEP WINESHELF (HAED) – 112 x 329 stitches
  26. SUMMER SAMPLER (Janlynn) – 172 x 228 stitches
  28. THE KISS (DMC Phil) – 280 x 392 stitches
  29. UPSTREAM (DMC Phil) – 98 x 224 Stitches
  30. WONDERFUL WORLD (Cross-stitch Gold #126) –


My goal for this SAL are:

  • Stitch at least 12 full coverage pieces on my HAED pieces
  • Stitch at least 12 full coverage pages onย  my non-HAED pieces
  • Finish Linen and Threads Mystery Sampler 2017
  • Finish Spirit of the Cougar.
  • Finish Coffee and Tea orย Summer Sampler.
  • Finish at least 10 of the advent Animals.
(Note: I am also participating in Soulful Stitching’s Year of WIPs challenge. My goals for that Challenge would lead up to my loftier WIPocalypse 2018 goals.)


Although, I know that having a finish is already a reward. I always like to device a reward system for any challenge that I undertake. So here is what I came up with.

  • If I finish Linen and Threads Mystery Sampler 2017 and the 5 Advent Animals, I would allow myself to start the Linen and Threads Mystery Sampler 2018.
  • If I finish Spirit of the Cougar and another mid-size project (Coffee & Tea or Summer Sampler), I would allow myself to start one of my kitted SODA stitch patterns.
  • If I finish 12 full coverage pages, I will start Happy Ever After (HAED).
(Note: I am also participating in Stitch from Stash 2018 which was started by Ms.OhSoCrafty. I’m following the guidelines there for the monetary reward system. I intend to stitch purely from stash this 2018.)

I know my goals are a little lofty and close to impossible. But… still very, very possible.

It’s Jan 5 now. The first 5 days of 2018 have already shown me how exciting this year would be. I’m hoping that WIPocalypse and YOWCH will be happy addition.

Good luck to all who participants! I can’t wait to see all of us finish our projects.

When the Bug Bites

My mom always says that when a bug bites, I should avoid scratching it. Simply because scratching would usually cause a wound that takes a bit of time to heal. I took these words of wisdom to heart and I could say, that up to this point, followed it religiously.

Not this time though.

A few months back, I fell into a hole. The hole was called Flosstube. And this hole has a lot of friendly, adorable creatures (… Flosstubers) that lead you to places with lots and lots of bugs (… Hand-Dyed Fabrics and Thread, HAED, Stitch from Stash, YOWs, Full-Coverage Fanatics, WIPocalypse, etc.)

I want to say that at some point, I was strong in avoiding the itch to scratch the bug bites. But, I’m just one against these many bugs. And in my weakness, I am starting to scratch. I probably am just starting a big wound that could go on forever. But, I no longer care. Scratching feels good.

Welcome to my itchy closet where scratching is the new black.

Come scratch with me.